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Christus Imperat Rapier Sword


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Christus Imperat Rapier Sword. Recreation of the sword found in The Royal Armouries (formerly the Tower of London). Latin phrase means "Christ Commands." Functional, carbon steel rapier with a leather scabbard.

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Christus Imperat Rapier Sword

A rapier of this identical form and proportions is currently housed in The Royal Armouries (formerly the Tower of London).

The flamboyantly formed hilt is both beautiful and functional.

Its' forward plates are pierced and show lavish birds among foliage, while the bars of the guard are slender both defending the hand and having an upward loop to catch an opponent’s blade.

The heavy pommel allows for a more balanced feel for fighting.

The blade is etched on both sides of the ricasso with the Latin phrase CHRISTUS IMPERAT which means "Christ Commands."

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Christus Imperat Rapier Features

Overall: 47".
Blade: 38-1/4" long, 1" wide, 3/16" thick.
Wt: 3 lbs.

Rapier swords.

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