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Cingulum-Roman Belt


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Cingulum-Roman belt. Design from Trajans column in Rome. Roman belt for reenactors.

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Roman Cingulum Belt

We offer a copy of a Roman belt "cingulum" in original size for reenactors. 
This belt is handmade from cow hide and it is covered with 10 cast brass ornaments and a large cast brass buckle.

As no complete cingulum has been found yet, our design was copied from grave steles for legionaries and Trajan's column in Rome.

Belt buckles, brass plaques and cingulum brass studs are still found today, they have survived 2000 years often almost undamaged. 

This cingulum weighs 1kg (2.2 lbs.).

It fits waist sizes from 95 cms to 110 cms (37" to 43").

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