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British 1803 Infantry Officer Saber


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British 1803 Infantry Officer Saber. British Napoleonic saber sword made for light infantry officers. High carbon steel blade, brass hilt with British symbols, leather scabbard.

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British 1803 Infantry Officer Saber Sword

The 1803 British Infantry Officer’s Saber sword was a response to a needed design change in swords. The official 1796 sword was a thin-bladed straight sword, regarded as wholly inadequate for light infantry and riflemen officers who, separated from the dense masses of line infantry and their bayonets, were vulnerable to the fast sabers of light cavalry. Many officers would replace the 1796 with a blade that they purchased, usually a saber with enough heft to parry those wielded by their cavalry foes, and in particular Napoleon's elite skirmishers, among them the Voltiguers. The 1803 Pattern was a final standardization of this trend, finally providing the light infantry officers the sword they needed.

This saber sword 1803 Infantry Officer’s sword is made with an unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel blade. The hilt is of brass, featuring the symbolic regalia of the British Crown. The grip is of ribbed black leather wrapped with inlaid steel wire. It comes with a leather scabbard with brass accents and two hanging rings. A leather washer at the base of the blade protects the crossguard from colliding into the brass throat of the scabbard.

In 1801, Lord Admiral Nelson was presented with a sword similar to this reproduction by the city of Exeter.

British 1803 Infantry Officer Saber Features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 37 1/4".
Blade: 32 3/8".
P.O.B.: 7 1/4".
Grip Length: 3 1/2".
Weight: 2 lb 3.2 oz.

Unsharpened and sharp version (delivery takes a little longer).

British military swords and sabers.

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