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Oda Nobunaga Katana YNH

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Oda Nobunaga Katana by YNH. Tribute to the famous Japanese warlord during unification of Japan. Clay tempered 1095 carbon steel blade. Real hamon. Very strong and sharp sword for cutting.

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Oda Nobunaga Katana

Thicker and wider blade for tameshigiri cutting.

Katana sword of the famous Japanese daimyo.

Oda Nobunaga was powerful warlord in Sengoku period during unification of Japan. Oda ruled nearly over entire Honshu island.

Oda was very interested in European culture. He aquired a huge collection of the finest European artworks, weapons and armor.

Oda Nobunaga was one of the first samurai who ever worn European clothes.

Oda also reformed army. He used a very modern combination of castles, pikemen and riflemen.

Oda Nobunaga commited ritual suicide after coup of his general, Akechi Mitsuhide. (Akechi katana is available too).

Oda Nobunaga Katana Features

Maru  Kitae Method.
Steel: 1095 high carbon steel - Clay tempered.
Nagasa: 73 Cm. - 75 Cm. with Habaki.
Hamon: Gunome Chôji real hamon.
Sori: 2,70 Cm.
Motohaba: 35 mm.
Sakihaba: 24 mm.
Motokasane: 11 mm.
Sakikasane: 9 mm.
Tsuka: 29 Cm. - with hishigami.
Tsuka Ito: Black silk.
Same: Real ray skin.
Tsuba: Mokkogata.
Bohi: Yes, Single.
Saya: 80 Cm. black laquered wood - Kuroro.
Koiguchi: Real buffalo horn.
Kurigata: Real buffalo horn.
Kojiri:    Real buffalo horn.
Sageo: Shigeuchi 220 cm - Black-red - Made in Japan.
Mekugi: Nr. 2 in bamboo.
Weight: 1.950 Gr. with Saya - 1.690 Gr. without Saya.

The Katana is sharpened, suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri.
Awesome for cutting exercises.
Iaito version available.

Free sword stand.

Made in Europe. Perfect quality control.

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